Thursday, 26 January 2012

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

I'm proud of my son. These days, he's learning like crazy and seems to do five new things a day. He's just a few weeks away from his first birthday and he's a blast. This is a great age and very satisfying for me as a parent.

He has mastered the high-five and clapping his hands together. He gives kisses and hugs on request. He plays peek-a-boo like a pro. He dances with serious rhythm. He feeds himself with his hands and pretends to feed my husband and I with his spoon.

He also started doing a few new things this week that made us realize that he's watching our every move and picking up on our behavior. For example, yesterday he picked up the remote control and started pointing it at the television. I guess he wasn't into the documentary on Derek Jeter that my husband was watching.

He also spotted my husband washing his hands at the sink and started to rub his hands together in the same motion. When I prepare a bottle for him, he starts shaking his hand up and down because he knows that's what I'm about to do.

For now, the imitation is limited to harmless everyday activities. Which is great, because he's really learning how things work. But it made us realize something crucial. It's time to start being very careful about what we do and say.

Could it be that the reason he likes to nibble on my shoulder is because I occasionally like to pretend I'm eating his feet? Probably. Or that he blows raspberries on my flabby mom-tummy because I do the same to him when I'm changing him? Very likely!

So I guess it's time to stop using foul language, impolite gestures and yelling at other drivers on the road. And maybe we should stop nibbling his toes so he won't start biting other children. Who knows what other unconscious behaviors we are inadvertently passing on to our son?!

I guess it's time to grow up and be responsible parents because it's only a matter of time before imitation will no longer be flattering - it will be a one-way ticket to trouble!

Have your children ever imitated any of your actions? Did it result in any embarrassing situations?

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