Thursday, 27 October 2011

You can't always get what you want

Baby boy is in full-on exploration mode these days. He's mastering the art of crawling - he still crawls a bit like a worm, tummy on the ground, using his elbows to push himself along.

As he crawls he's discovering all kinds of interesting stuff on the floor. Naturally, he's only interested in the things he really shouldn't touch. Like electrical outlets, wires, and my husband's personal favorite, the Playstation 3, which we also use as a Blu-Ray player. In other words, the Holy Grail of "don't touch!"

I have yet to do a full baby-proofing job on my house. There just never seems to be enough time! So while I've covered up some outlets and cleared rooms of certain easy-to-reach dangerous items, I have to spend a lot of time chasing baby and keeping him out of non-baby-proofed areas of the house.

Naturally, human nature prevails and he takes a much greater interest in examining the things that are taken away from him. How many times have I had to pull him away from the TV? Countless... I can only imagine what's in store when he (very soon) becomes a toddler and starts walking! Meanwhile I guess I have to get a head start on teaching him the word "no!"

This need to explore isn't strictly limited to crawling time, either! Make no mistake, those oh-so adorable diaper ads on TV of the babies crawling, rolling, scooting and running away from diaper changes are not simply entertaining. They are a true reflection of my life.

Diaper changes are impossible these days. He rolls over, crawls away and wants to touch everything around him. He does not want to be held down! You can just imagine how much fun it is to change a poopy diaper these days.

Little buddy, one of life's cruelest lessons is unfortunately beyond your comprehension right now but you should know one thing: you can't always get what you want!

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