Friday, 14 October 2011

The breast spots in town

Hey breastfeeding mommies! As you know, one of the nice things about breastfeeding is that (if you're comfortable) you can feed your baby anytime, anywhere. During the warm summer months it was nice and easy to feed baby just about anywhere, from park benches to the backseat of the car!

As the colder fall and winter months are now upon us, that may be a little harder and much less comfortable for both mommy and baby. So here's my round-up of some of the best places for breastfeeding in Montreal...

1) Fairview Pointe-Claire: one of the nicest breastfeeding rooms in the Montreal area is in the food court of this shopping mall. There are two rooms, one larger one for mothers only and a smaller family room where daddies are welcome to join mom while she feeds baby. Both rooms are equipped with comfy couches, change tables, sinks and microwaves. The environment is also quiet and nicely decorated, which makes these rooms a comfortable oasis in an otherwise busy mall.

2) Rockland Shopping Centre (in TMR): This swanky mall has an equally swanky family washroom which is nicely equipped with a play area for kids, a corner with comfy chairs for moms and dads to feed babies, large bathroom stalls and a large counter for changing diapers. My only criticism is that the changing counter is made of a hard stone surface which can be uncomfortable for baby and with no straps to secure the baby, the risk of them falling is higher. But the room, situated in the food court, is otherwise great.

3) Carrefour Laval: this ginormous mall in Laval is so big, they have 2 spots for breastfeeding. One area is much nicer than the other so choose carefully. The nicer of the two breastfeeding rooms is located at the washrooms between Mexx and B2. In this area, there are two small, dimly lit rooms with rocking chairs and a soothing environment for feeding baby. Just outside the rooms is a changing area and a family washroom.

The other breastfeeding room is located in the bathroom area near Starbucks and the Bay. It's a much sparser area with uncomfortable chairs for breastfeeding and that's about it. If you want to change baby's diaper you have to go into the neighboring washrooms but it's a bit awkward to maneuver your way from one room to the other. So when in Carrefour, I recommend the other breastfeeding room every time.

4) Complexe Les Ailes (downtown Montreal on Ste-Catherine St.): This urban mall features a lovely little family breastfeeding room complete with a rocking chair, change table, a kitchenette and even a little play area for older kids. It's a nice space but be warned, there's only enough room for one family at a time in this spot. It's located on the first floor near the information desk where you have to ask for access to the room.

There you have it - my top spots for breastfeeding when you're out and about. I'm sure there are others but these are some of the best I've seen.

Where do you breastfeed baby when you're out? Any suggestions I haven't discovered?

PS - We're lucky in Montreal to have so many great places that are accommodating of families and especially breastfeeding moms. On a few recent trips to the U.S. I found there was much less available for families. Maybe that was just my experience - if you're aware of family-friendly spots south of the border, let me know!

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